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Rob Dinwoodie

 Cowboy Singer/Songwriter/Artist

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"Thanks for dropping by and spending a few minutes getting to know about my music.  I have been playing guitar since I was a teenager and writing songs about as long.  My main subject is the cowboy and his life.  This sounds simple but in fact has a great deal of depth when one considers the characters that have had a part in developing what we call the west.  My music and songs reflect this and are arranged musically to let the listener ride along whether at a walk trot or lope!"  

My music has been described as a mix of country and western with cowboy lyrics riding on the melody. I write songs about the cowboy and the west because that is what I live and love. Known for the "Cowboy Dinner Show" I've produced every summer, my roots run deep in the cowboy culture.  The music reflects these experiences of the open range, which I have been a manager for 30 years. Songs of the west would describe my music and with some great musicians my band "Open Range" make good music, live or recorded.

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I have 2 CDs currently available "Hands Up" and "Hey Cowboy" .

The above selections are from Hey Cowboy. 

If you desire to purchase digitally please go to either iTunes.

CDs are $15 each (add $5 for shipping)

Purchases can be made by eTransfer to